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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Imperfect Me

Hey Guys! Today I wanted to share a poem with you guys that I read at school. It is called
Imperfect Me.  I hope you enjoy!

Imperfect Me

by Brod Bagert 

I used to try to be perfect:  
Perfect height, perfect weight, 
A perfect friend, the perfect date. 
Perfect makeup on my face 
 Every hair in perfect place. 
The perfect mask for all to see, 
I tried to be a perfect me. 

But I couldn’t do it:
I’m short and just a little plump, 
My nose has got a tiny bump,

My teeth? Too big. My ears? Too long. The me I see is always wrong.
I felt such animosity,
My life was an atrocity.

 But then I wised up: Perfect looks? A total scam!
Perfection lies in who I am. T
his girl has got one life to live 
And who I am is what I give,
And if I give with all my might 
The me I give will be just right.
And suddenly my heart broke free So here I am
Imperfect Me. 

So what do you guys think? Do you like the poem? When I read this at school I really wanted to share with you guys beacuse it made me think differently about myself. Does this poem change you emotionally? 

xx Bubbles


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