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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Back to School Checklist!

Hey, Guys! Thank you so much for your nice comments, they make my day! Anyhoo, for today's post I made this little Back to School checklist for you. Let's get into it!

Back to School Checklist

1. Start making your routines  

Start planning out your morning, night, and homework routines. ( ex: Sleeping and waking up earlier homework spot.)

2. Get your supplies

This is one of my favorite parts, go and buy your supplies!

3. Plan your outfits for the week

You could just plan your first-day outfit, but won't it be easier to have all your outfits planned for your exciting week? 

4. Change up your room

Changing your room will give it a new beginning for the new year. Add a more fall feel to it. Maybe make a leaf banner, or make your room a little cozier. Maybe make a vision board.

5. Decide your lunch and/or snack

For my first day, I like to have a special lunch and/or snack. It makes me feel happy, and something to look forward to. I love macroons! Me + Macaroons = ◕‿◕✿  Happy me with a flower in my hair. 

6. Clean out your closet

Donate or upcycle some old clothes. Here are some cool things to do with a sock. There are many ways to upcycle, a good ol' google search will help you out. TIP: I like having a little "upcycling party" with my friends, we bring all the old clothes we can find at our homes and we all share and DIY stuff. It's a lot of fun, you should try!

7. Make some playlists

Make some music playlists you could listen to in the morning when you are getting ready or while you are doing homework. TIP: Maybe you could make a new one every two weeks for a little change in your routine.

8. Make a Book list

This is a little bit like the last one, but I like making a book list for back to school because I LOVE reading! ( maybe a little too much...) If there is a book around I can't pay attention to anything else. But a book list can just help you find new books, to buy or borrow at a library.

9. Find some quotes

Get some nice inspirational quotes to help you out. Quotes will help motivate you.

10. Have a fun summer day

Enjoy your last couple weeks of summer, relax, hang out with your friends, just do something fun that makes you happy!

Here is an infographic to help you out!

I hope you liked it! Do you like back to school? What type of post do you want next? 



  1. This is such an awesome post!!! I love it! The infographic is so cute!

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

  2. I love the getting supplies bit too, but by the end of the year half the things I bought I either lost or ruined haha! Because I'm English we have to wear a uniform which sucks :( I'd love to see a 'My outfits for school for this week' post maybe


    1. Haha! I am very disorganised and I lose my supplies as well! :P Thank you for the post idea!



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