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Monday, 22 August 2016

Interview with What Lexie Loves!

Hey, Guys! Today I have another interview for you! It's with Lexie from What Lexie Loves! She has amazing reviews on her blog and has a lot of awesome content! You should definitely go check her out!


1. Describe yourself in 5 words?

 Creative, quirky, full-of-ideas ;), bubbly, outgoing

2. What is your blog about?

 My blog is review of books, entertainment, days out and activities for kids and families that I have loved as well as my writing and thoughts!

3. When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging almost 3 years ago (3 years in October) because I saw about it on a TV show and computers, writing, reading and chatting are my favourite things so blogging seemed like the perfect hobby for me!

4. That's an interesting story! If you had 1 million pounds, what would you do with it?

I'd save about £650,000 for the future, spend £50,000 on a HUGE shopping spree, spend £50,000 on an amazing holiday for my family and another great holiday with my best friends, give £50,000 to each of my siblings (I have two), £50,000 to charity and the remaining £100,000 to my parents for the bills and stuff. 

5. If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

 A monkey for sure, because I'm full of energy and quite cheeky

6. Where do you find inspiration for your awesome blog posts?

 Well because they're reviews, every time I finish a book or something, I just sit down and write a review. I don't plan the post out, just write and write and write and then edit. For my thoughts and rambles posts, I just look at something on the news or something that matters to me at the moment and again just write.

7. That's nice! What do you like doing in your spare time?

Obviously blogging, writing, reading, binge-watching YouTube, shopping, trying out make-up, eating :D, watching Modern Family on TV (OMG I LOVE THAT SHOW, anyone else watch it???) and playing out in the garden with my siblings.

8. If you could choose one place to go ( Fictional, or Realistic) where would you go and why?

 Hmm, I would love to check out New York because it's just meant to be so amazing, and I just love places with stunning, STUNNING beaches.

9.  What is something you haven't done before but really want to do?

I'd love to do that indoor skydiving, it looks so cool!

10. Where do you blog? ( like your desk, or bed etc).Do you have any blogging essentials?

In my mum's office normally with her computer, but sometimes just on the floor in my room with my laptop ;)

11. What are some of your goals for your blog?

 I'd really like to write for magazines as well as my blog. Getting my YouTube set up successfully is also a goal!|

12. What are your favorite types of posts to blog about?

I love controversial posts where I give my opinion on something. Or reviews of really cool and new products or experiences.

Thank You Lexie for the wonderful answers! Make sure to check out Lexie's Blog and follow her!That's it for today! 

xx Bubbles


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