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Saturday, 26 August 2017

August Update!

Hey Guys!! It's almost the end of August!!! My school starts on Monday eeeeeh!!!! I decided a new little series I wanted to start would be a monthly round up/update kind of thing. I have noticed a lot of other blogs doing it and I really liked the idea!!!

This Month

  • I spent time back to school shopping. so.much.stationary!
  • I started learning guitar - I got an acoustic electric guitar and it's soooo coool!
  • I started a bullet journal - I finally did it!I am trying to keep it as minimalistic for now!

Goals for next month

  • Finalize organization system - I have talked a lot about being disorganized and I want to become better at being organized :) 
  • Start the school year awesomely!!!
  • Post consistently and work on longer posts!!

What do you think of this post? Do you think there is anything I should add to future monthly updates?

xx Bubbles


  1. Hey Bubbles! It is seriously so cool that you are learning how to play guitar. Like that's awesome. Maybe add like what you have been loving this month or something like that.

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

  2. AAAAH GOOD LUCK WITH ALL YOUR ORGANIZATION!! I hope this school year is the best yet! <3 *high fives* Guitar is SO MUCH FUN. But it definitely takes some getting used to. *nervous laughter* *calloused fingers* xD

    rock on,

  3. Hey Bubbles! Do you plan to post again soon?
    I was actually directed here by Nandy from Nandy the Candy.
    I love your tips and ideas!
    Check out a newly-minted teen's blog at

  4. Great share! Glad your into playing guitar and also I feel your excitement on the school year. Good luck!

  5. Hey Bubbles! I'm happy that you're going back to school soon. Be excited with what the future holds for you.

  6. I'm just excited for you dear and your upcoming life updates.


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