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Friday, 23 December 2016

3 Ways to Be More Positive

Hey Guys! I haven't posted in a while I know....I am working on it. :) So today I decided to give you some tips on how to be more positive. I had a pretty stressful week socially and academically. I had a test every day of last week (except for Monday) and 2 tests on Friday! I also might make a series on this so yeah. Anyhoo lets get into the post.


Everyday look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you can do it! It feels kind of weird at first, but trust me its really helpful. Sometimes when I have a test or something I am nervous about I tell myself that I am ready. Somehow just saying the words helps me feel calmer.


I found on days I am feeling really negative or just kind of blah I like listening to some upbeat music and remember some happy memories. Oh and have a dance party. maybe 2. hehe....


I don't know if its just me but when I am stressed I like to make a plan to reach what I want. Like for example if its Monday and I have a test on Friday which I am nervous about, I would make a study plan. Or if I had a fight with a friend, I would make a plan to apologize or talk about it.

What do you do when you have a stressful week? How do you stay positive? This question is kind of unrelated, Do you use a planner or a bullet journal?

xx Bubbles

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