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Saturday, 23 July 2016


Hey! Welcome to my blog, A Tween's Chitter Chatter! On this blog I will be talking about, books, puppies, middle school, and much, much more! I hope you will stick around!
About Bubbles
Bubbles is right now talking to you as a 3rd person because she is weird. She loves books and puppies ( She can't wait to get her own puppy!) She is also going to middle school this year. Thanks for visiting!
~ Bubbles


  1. Hi Bubbles! I love your blog - I really want a puppy. Do you know what breed you'd get?

    - Lexie |

  2. Hi Lexie! I love your blog too! I really want a golden retriever!

    - Bubbles

  3. Hello Bubbles! I just found your blog through Nabila's and I love it! See you around the blogging world!


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